Five Star Spring / Summer Collection 2013 With JJ Valaya

Five Star Spring / Summer Collection 2013 With JJ Valaya

Five Star Spring /Summer collection 2013 With JJ Valaya 

Five Star is Pakistan’s leading fashion brand offers high quality fabrics for all the seasons. Five Star textile in collaboration with Indian fashion designer JJ Valaya has recently launched their latest Spring Summer collection 2013 for women. This is very beautiful collection containing very beautiful dresses.

This collection has been divided into 5 such inspirations from the past. which includes, Zari, Nizam, Naqaashi, Jamawar and Sanghaner.

Zari is one of the finest threads for this purpose  Zari consisted of pure silver wires whose surface was fused with real gold leaves, This was known as “Kalabattu.”

Metal threads of Gold, silver, copper and Bronze are carefully woven together to create a Zari fabric, called Brocade. The intricate patterns adopted on fine silk tell a story of the bugone era, resurrecting the royal stature of women, left behind in the shadows of her past.

Naqaashi is a form of etching primarily done on stone, wood, marble and gold. Its a tale of workmanship, a manifestation of men’s creative genius, struggling to create the spectacular.

A Ballad of artistry that transits across borders of time and spacem the designer sought to bring Naqaashi from beneath the folds of a forgotten art to its present day avatar. The contrast palate of black and white with neutral shades weaves magic on the woman within you.

Jamavar is one of the oldest froms of art woven on a fabric, the jamavar design is a unique floral pattern that resembles the mango fruit, commonly known as ‘Ambi’. True Jamavar patterns are so finely done that the front and the back of a fabric are indistinguishable.

The fabric in this collection primarily includes Lawn, but they have thrown in elements of chiffon and Georgette for interest as well. All collections reflect the beauty of the cultures and their belief in monarchy and the motifs, colours and embroideries gently whisper this unique language.

Eminently wearable yet characteristic of a royal elegance, the collection promises to transcend borders and proclaim its affinity to a large audience across the world.

Models have also worn the beautiful jewellery which depicts the quality of fabric. Have a look on the collection bellow:


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