Malibu Pudding Girls Recipe

Malibu Pudding Girls Recipe

Malibu Pudding Girls Recipe: Here is the one of the most delicious Coconut & Malibu Rice Pudding with Mango Recipe.

  1. Heat a heavy based saucepan over medium heat, and melt the butter in it. Throw in the cinnamon quill and pandanus leaf.
  2. When all the butter has melted, add the rinsed glutinous rice in. Stir it around so the butter has coated each grain, then turn up the heat and add the malibu in.
  3. Once all the malibu has been absorbed, add in the salt and the water, bring it to the boil, then turn the heat to the lowest and simmer for about 15-17 minutes.
  4. Taste the rice and see if it is tender. Drain the excess water using a strainer, and then replace the rice in the pot, letting it steam dry for about 10-20 seconds. Add in the 200ml of coconut cream, turn the heat back on, and let it heat through until the kitchen is nice and fragrant. Turn the heat off, clamp the lid on, and leave it for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the cinnamon quill and pandanus leaf. Let the pudding cool to room temperature, then transfer it to the serving bowls/cups (I used martini glasses). Place a piece of clingfilm over each bowl, pressing the clingfilm down to the surface of the pudding. Refrigerate until cool. (You can do this about 2-5 hours in advance.)
  6. To serve, remove the clingfilm, and place some slices of fresh mango on top. Spoon over a little extra coconut cream (and some desiccated coconut if using) and top with a sprig of mint.

Enjoy the taste and serve your guests.

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