Outstanding Zeynep Hanif Jewelry

Outstanding Zeynep Hanif Jewelry

 Outstanding Zeynep Hanif Jewelry 

Zeynep Hanif is a Turkish Jewelry designer. Mrs. Hanif has an extensive experience in creating various designs of jewelry mixing silver, gold and stones. As a talented creator, she seeks to extend her work to reach different cultures including Turkey and Egypt as well.

Zeynep Hanif found her roots in the remains of the Ottoman culture and her imagination was sparked by the Egyptian civilization as well as the Arabic, English and French cultures, which assisted her to be a special jewelry maker in Cairo.
Zeynep started designing in 1999 and opened her first boutique in Istanbul in 2001. In 2002, Zeynep exhibited her first jewelry collection at the International Jewelry Show in Istanbul. In 2004, the Mayor of Bahcesehir Municipality of Istanbul invited her for a special showcasing of her work.

In 2005, she executed a triumphant exhibition at the Alkent 2000 Yeditepe which is considered the Beverly Hills of Istanbul. In 2008, the spouse of the Turkish ambassador to Egypt, Safak Gokturk, hosted a fashion show at their residence to introduce this very sophisticated designer to Cairo’s elite and jewelry lovers. In 2009 and 2010 she organized a very successful catwalk fashion show at La-Pacha Boat .

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